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Hearing aids are more discreet, more comfortable and more advanced than ever. And at UnitedHealthcare Hearing, you can choose from a wide variety of models and styles that feature the latest technology such as recharging capabilities, connection to Bluetooth® devices, tap control, remote adjustments, a smartphone app and more. Discover the hearing aids, accessories and supplies that will help you hear what you've been missing and feel more connected to your world.
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Hearing aids usually come in one of several levels of digital technology. Choosing the level that's right for you depends on your lifestyle and the amount of hearing loss you have. The features, components and connectivity determine a device's technology level.

More complex listening environments may benefit from more advanced features. Think about the activities and environments you have difficulty hearing in and explore your options.
Answer these questions to help choose the right level

  • What listening environments cause me the most hearing trouble?
  • How many different listening environments do I experience in a day (on average)?
  • How much am I willing to spend?

A hearing aid specialist can help you determine what technology level may be the best fit for your hearing needs.

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