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Jabra Enhance Select 300R w/Premium Care

Jabra Enhance Select 300R w/Premium Care

Hearing aids have come a long way in the past few years, but wearers still struggle with noisy, crowded environments, uncomfortable devices, and more natural sound. The new Jabra Enhance Select 300 was designed with these concerns in mind. More discreet and more comfortable than its predecessor, the Select 300 features a discreet mini design and upgraded technology for better spatial awareness and a more natural experience. Jabra Enhance Premium Care Package at no extra cost. It comes with 3 years of virtual hearing care from the Jabra Enhance Audiology Team. See Follow-up care section for more details.


  • Advanced speech clarity technology The Enhance Select 300 is Jabra Enhances's most discreet, most technologically-advanced hearing aid yet. It packs immersive sound and next-level speech clarity into a discreet mini receiver-in-ear design. Advancements in spatial awareness make hearing feel more natural, even sounds coming from behind, or your sides. Built-in noise cancellation and adaptive sound filtration will have you hearing more conversations in crowded restaurants, and fewer clattering dishes. The Select 300s powerful chip smoothly adjusts to changing noise levels, and more faithfully recreates natural hearing in real time.
  • Discreet mini design for all-day comfort The Select 300 is a mini RIE (receiver-in-ear) hearing aid. It is more discreet and slimmer than previous generations of hearing aids, designed to be nearly invisible when worn, lightweight for all-day comfort, and packed with advanced technology.
  • Advanced personalization An added layer of uniquely tailored programming for difficult listening situations like restaurants, one-on-one conversations, and loud environments. Included in your purchase, you'll receive Jabra Enhance Premium Care Package and be able to work with Jabra Enhance Audiology Team to program your device to your satisfaction.
  • Hands-free phone calls Take calls just like ear buds when using the iPhone 11 or newer Supporting features: See compatibility
  • Exclusive colors Available in 5 polished, luxe finishes to match your hair, your skin, and your style.
  • Bluetooth streaming for calls, music, & media Connect your hearing aids directly to a compatible Apple or Android device to stream music, calls, and media right to your ears. 
  • Rechargeable travel case A single charge powers the Enhance Select 300 for a full day, and for on-the-go power, our included charging case holds up to 3 full charges before having to be plugged in. Stay connected with better hearing wherever life takes you.
  • Weather-resistant Rated IP68 to protect against dust, water, sweat, and rain. IP68: Total protection against dust ingress. Protected against continuous water immersion up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes
  • Smart & intuitive app For tinkerers, the Jabra Enhance Select app makes it easy to adjust your own settings whenever you want. Adjust your bass and treble settings, choose environment programs to better suit your situation, and even schedule your video appointments in-app with Jabra Enhance Audiology Team. 

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