UHC Medicare Advantage

Unitron Moxi V9-RT

MoxiTM Vivante hearing aids take you to the heart of every conversation, no matter how noisy it gets. Jump right into the action of all the wild road trip banter thanks to its dynamic conversation in car program. Vivante technology enhances the sounds you want to hear while minimizing background noise, no matter where speech comes from, so you stay engaged in conversations in a broad range of challenging listening situations. And enjoy a personalized experience using the Remote Plus app for a life well lived.


  • Advanced signal processing system Integra OS 
  • Dynamic noise reduction for face-to-face conversations with AutoFocus 360 
  • Background noise reduction through multiband adaptive directionality 
  • Tap control 
  • Natural Sound Balance 
  • Wind Control 
  • Speech Enhancement 
  • Supports iOS and Android with Made for All Connectivity 
  • Easy personalization
  • Focuses on Speech
  • Connects to 2 devices for direct audio streaming to hearing aids
  • Rechargeable Options
  • Telecoil

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