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ReSound Multi Microphone

ReSound Multi Microphone

The Multi Mic is a clip-on microphone and a table microphone all in one to increase your ability to understand speech in a variety of environments. The MultiMic is compatible with ReSound and Jabra Enhance hearing aids.


  • Rechargeable - 11 hour battery life 
  • Plug into virtually any mobile device or computer  
  • Robust clothing clip rotates 360 degrees for optimal voice pick-up 
  • Switch between microphone, mini-jack input, FM and loop  
  • Systems at the push of a button 

The Multi Mic can do everything the Micro Mic can and more. With the same hearing range of up to 80 feet, the Multi Mic can be placed on the table to turn into a table microphone so you can hear what everyone around you is saying. The Multi Mic also connects to FM and loop systems and has a mini-jack input to stream audio from a mobile device or computer. 

Please consult with your hearing healthcare provider prior to purchase to verify compatibility.