UHC Medicare Advantage

Signia Insio Charge and Go ITC 3AX

Powered by the first Augmented Xperience platform providing the wearer clarity and comfort without compromise. Augmented Xperience platform allows the wearer to focus on what they want to hear, follow conversations easier and stay aware of their environment.


  • Custom-made hearing aid tailored to provide all-day wearing comfort 
  • Easily connects to iPhone and ASHA compatible Android devices for effortless streaming from any Bluetooth® device 
  • Contactless charger offers ease of use 
  • Innovative charger provides up to 24 hours of use on a single charge
  • Built in Li-ion cell for contactless charging 
  • Hands-Free mode by using Bluetooth®, the wearer can use their hearing aids for hands-free calls with their iPhone in different environments
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